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The Art of Paper Crafting

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Artist duo Davy and Kristin McGuire create enchanting dioramas using a combination of papercraft, set design and digital projection mapping animation. Their works include animated installations such as “The Hunter" and "Psycho" (an homage to Alfred Hitchcock which won the Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award), as well as a larger scale theatrical performance piece entitled The Paper Architect.

Visit the McGuire’s website and Vimeo page to watch their marvelous paper installations come to life.

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For a project entitled Rouleaux, French multimedia artist Anastassia Elias (previously featured here) creates enchanting silhouetted scenes inside humble cardboard toilet paper tubes.

"Lit from behind, her delightful cardboard scenes appear like stills from a mysterious work of shadow puppetry. Here, the roll, most commonly a piece of trash associated with the mundane rituals of domestic life, becomes elevated to the realm of high art. Elias’s visual narratives span time and space; as surely as summer swings fade to frigid snowmen, we move from an underwater universe to the barber shop around the corner."

The paper shapes are cut from paper the same colour as the cardboard roll, which give them the illusion of being part of the roll itself. They’re carefully positioned inside the roll using tweezers. Each delicate piece takes up to several hours to complete.

Elias recently self-published a book of her Rouleaux pieces, currently available here. The pieces themselves are currently on exhibit at the National Museum of Singapore until August 3, 2014.

Visit Anastassia Elias’ website to check out more of her artwork, including more Rouleaux.

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Eric Standley: 3D Laser Cut Paper Art, "stained glass"

Eric Standley is an artist and educator currently living and working in Virginia. In his incredible series of 3D laser cut paper art, Standley’s work is found at the intersection of art, technology, history and mathematics.

His vector drawings were initially inspired by the geometry in Gothic and Islamic architectural ornamentation. The pieces are painstakingly assembled from laser-cut paper, layered to create elaborate 3-D works of art. Often these works are created using well over 100 layers of paper and can take months of planning and drawing. The result is so intricately detailed that the pieces must be viewed from multiple perspectives to be fully appreciated.